Paid Courses


The courses below are pre-recorded; This means once you purchase the class online, you’re able to login and  view your course again and again on your own time.

Each course is made with the beginner in mind, we break down the How’s and Why’s of each design and topic; and we build upon it, so even the most advanced quilters can stay engaged and find value at every turn.

Each video has “chapters” that allow you to “quick jump” to a specific point in each video with ease; saving you time, so there is time to learn more. Each video has a comments section below where you can ask questions and I can answer them. You’ll find courses are disproportionately PACKED with content,  to ensure you always find value in each course you take.

Courses Never Expire, come back and quilt with us again and again.

Be Bold! Jump in and Quilt with us!

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