FMQ 102- Utilizing Negative Space

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The most daunting area of any quilt is the Negative Space, is there an abundance? How can I break that up and fill it? Do I want to make the Negative space a focal point or do I want to make it the background element? How do I know what is negative space and how can maneuver within it?

Join in as we break down the ideas of what positive and negative space are and how to accent these areas in your quilt top with the right free motion quilting designs. We will cover many intermediate free motion quilting design concepts and practice combining them. This class is great for someone who feels comfortable with thier machine and is willing to break out and do more.

Pattern to quilt shown in photo is included al materials needed are in the “detailed description” button below.

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

17 Videos Totalling 10.25 hours of content


This is class 2 in out Free motion Mastery series, for best understanding FMQ 101 is recommended. But anyone who is confident on thier machine is welcome to join in on the fun at anytime.

Utilize your positive and negative space and various quilting elements to really make your quilts pop!

Welcome to Free Motion Quilting 102- Intermediate quilting and Design Motifs.

Goal for this class: Make you aware of various design elements and concepts and get your brain moving on how to make these concepts work for you and your quilting style.

We have 10 free motion quilting designs we will learn and use and combine to illustrate the points in this class.  We will look at many quilt tops and discuss the Value in positive and negative space, how to determine what the positive and negative elements should be and how to decide what designs to select and implement and why! I know it sounds like a lot.. and really it is, so much information, but when you can take it/ dissect it/ and apply it step by step it makes all the difference in how you understand and take in the concepts.

The quilt on the cover photo does have a pattern and is included with the class, but instruction on construction of the quilt top will not be in video form. You do not have to make the quilt top in order to get the most out of this class but completing a project from start to finish in any class really will put you over the top as far as really taking in and applying the concepts.
Requirements to Take FMQ 102:

  • It is recommended but not required that you take FMQ 101 as we are building on this knowledge and some items may not make sense if you haven’t taken FMQ 101. However if you feel you are a confident quilter feel free to skip 101, worst case scenario you can hit pause on FMQ 102 and take 101 first.

**minimal if any ruler work will be used in this class. *** (for ruler work fundamentals and inspiration stay tuned for this springs installment of FMQ 103)

Materials Needed:
Quilt top Assembly:
• 3 yards Light fabric
• 1 yard Dark Fabric
• 4 yards Backing
• ½ yard Binding
• 2 yards Batting
• Rotary Cutter / Ruler / Cutting Mat
• Iron / Ironing Board
• Marking Pen
Glow line tape, Tailors Clapper, pressing cloth and Starch for pressing
Designs Practice:
• Printed EMPTY designs worksheets
• Pen or pencil to follow along
• Quilt sandwich with regular batting and plain fabric
o Sit down quilters 5-15×15 practice sandwiches
o Longarm quilters 1-36×44 practice quilt on frame
• Contrasting Top and bobbin thread, thread snips, machine clean and oiled and ready
to go
• Marking pen of any kind. (I used a sharpie)
• Ruler with 1” marking lines for measurement.
Optional: Printed Filled in Worksheets with designs drawn by me for reference.
Project Completion:
• Pieced Directionally challenged quilt top, backing and batting ready to go
• Matching top and bobbin threads
• Blue water soluble and purple air soluble marking pens
• Rotary Ruler for marking
And a smile..

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for FMQ 102- Utilizing Negative Space

  1. Savannah Helm

    FMQ – 102 has been so much fun. Learning to quilt the open spaces on our tops open up soooo many opportunities to express ourselves in our quilting. Great class!

  2. Becke60

    I haven’t finished it yet but what I’ve done is lots of fun and tons of info

  3. RCThorn

    This was so much fun and challenging.. The negative space quilting added so many opportunities to try out designs.

  4. Bubbie (verified owner)

    I learned a lot from this class. It is also nice to watch Lauren work. She is easy to understand and follow : )

  5. Cjpoulin

    I took this course and learned a lot. I joined a modern quilt guild, so this course was great to learn new designs for quilting negative space.

    • Admin_Lauren

      I am so glad! I can’t wait for the 104 class to take this knowledge and ramp it up a notch!

  6. RhondaPecenka (verified owner)

    Learning so much from you. I’m glad I invested in these classes, I like that I can go back and watch them again. This class was really well put together. I recommend this for anyone.

  7. RhondaPecenka (verified owner)

    Learning so much from you. I’m glad I invested in these classes, I like that I can go back and watch them again. This class was really well put together. I recommend this!

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