iQ Computerized Quilting Systems





$10,000 plus installation kit
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$11,900 plus installation kit
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$14,500 plus installation kit
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Tablet Size

10" included, for 12" add $500


SuperMotors included, for refurbished motors, when available, deduct $600


(WYSWYG pantograph editing, continuous offset and interlocking, flipping of even rows, clipping at block boundaries)

Saving quilt designs

Switch to manual mode by the touch of a button

Help on every screen

FREE patterns

over 200

over 400

Over 400

Designer pattern samples

Geometric patterns

Computer Art Patterns

Block Patterns

Line Pattern

Pattern modification

(rotate, scale, move, stretch, flip, copy, combine, split, etc.)

Review/Smooth Pattern

Paper pattern digitizing

Recording of your own patterns

Clipping block, no-sew zones

High level pattern editing support

(contour, echo, path pattern, fan pattern, shape shift, magnet tool, distort)
Distort only

Compatibility with The StiQ


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