Welcome to Bold Notion Quilting!

How we got started:

Welcome to Bold Notion Quilting.com, our little business, we hope makes a big impact, on your quilting confidence and ability to create.

My Name is Lauren, and I am the lady behind the magic! (it seems like magic but its a whole lot of work, and thankfully my family is SO supportive!) I never thought I would find something I was good at, and LOVE to do.. let alone have that something be sewing. I grew up in a family where the extent of the sewing we did, was hemming pants for our shortcake legs! I never gave sewing much of a thought growing up, it was just a necessary evil to prevent my pants from shredding when I trip on them or to make a stocking at Christmas time.

Before free motion quilting came into my life I was a retail manager, I like retail I was really good at all of it, managing departments, leading my team, training the newbies. I managed to stay with the same company from station to station for 14 years. My husband is still active duty in the coast guard and we still have a few more stations until retirement, (god willing).  My journey to quilting began when I was 25, as we do as military families, one year I decided to give ALL of my children’s clothes away that didn’t fit them or they wouldn’t grow into, it was a PCS (permanent change of station) year and we needed to get ready to move.

Well.. don’t let your little ones see you do this, because they lost their minds… “NO MAMMA NO, NOT MY FAVORITE SHIRT”, I was now playing tug of war with 3 and 1 year old because I was trying to be nice and give another family their hand-me-downs.. this is so embarrassing. my kids don’t have meltdowns.. so what am I to do? Think fast, “ok bud, tell you what I heard about a website that takes your clothes and makes blankets or something, we can do that so you can keep just your favorite clothes but still use them.. would that be ok?” Dylan (my oldest) replied with a sniffle “sure that would be ok, but I need to keep this one, and this one, and this one.. and…” well you get the point.

My first sewing machine was 70$ from joanns.. do not do this to yourself. I felt so incompetent I couldn’t make the stitches lock.. but it was the machine not me so I went to a Viking dealer and bought a REAL sewing machine that sat in the box for 2 years before I could even use it because the first one was so difficult. So having no sewing knowledge, but a little common sense all of their clothes went away until I could learn how to use a sewing machine and piece a top. I finally pulled out that Viking and I spent the next year making tops for myself, and commissioned tops for friends and family, learning how to do this thing called piecing.

When I finally completed my first quilt I bound it and took it to the quilt shop to show it off. “Look, Susan! I did it! I made my first quilt!” It was a simple block quilt pattern to make a minecraft Creeper face; Susan replied, “Well that’s nice but how are you going to quilt it?” I replied smugly, “Umm, there is a top, a fluffy middle and a back… IT. IS. DONE!” Susan just giggled and smiled as sweet as could be and pulled me over to the longarm machine, explaining that there’s a difference between making a quilt top and actually quilting it. (side note I wish the entire quilting community would proudly display the difference between piecing and quilting.. because when you’re a newbie google  doesn’t specify that for you)

The longarm machine was a thing of beauty, it was running on a computerized system all by itself, but at that moment I could see the challenging and artistic potential in it, which is right up my alley, I was in love! I pieced and rented time on both the manual and the computerized longarm machine making quilts for others until I could afford to buy one. It took 2 years and a windfall to make it possible for me to purchase my first longarm, floor model show special and it was all mine.

Now I know what you’re thinking, I’m magically good at FMQ and just fell into my calling.. well I know this because I thought it of so many other quilters when I first began and I spent many a nights up at 1 am fighting with tension, cleaning, timing, design disasters.. and crying over the Instagram posts of all the magically gifted quilters out there. I had to literally pep talk my Type-A personality, OCD, navy brat, do everything right the first time brain, into not breaking down, into giving myself a break, into being open to my version of failure, so that I could make way for success. My brain would go to really dark place at the first sign of  failure, “ I just spent all this money and I can’t even quilt a straight line, what a hopeless failure, I can’t believe you wasted your families money on this, you’re selfish what is wrong with you, you can’t do this, you could have bought a new car for this kind of money! ugh!”

Every day when I came home from work I practiced and practiced and practiced until  I felt COMFORTABLE with my machine. While I was practicing I had many moments I threw tantrums and swore off the basement.. but I couldn’t let the machine beat me.

I decided if it was this hard for me to learn and encourage myself, then others in the community must be feeling the same way. The next year on facebook and youtube I was sharing tidbits and tips the best I could (it wasn’t fancy! Lol) to help quilters  quilt, that I learned in other classes or in books.. those “aha! Moments” that really helped me take my own quilting to the next level. Learning for the sake of others made learning easier for myself! Why I don’t know but it really helped me not to b so hard on myself. I did my first quit along as a freebie on youtube but it went so well I decided to do a paid one. That paid quilt along made way for boldnotionquilting.com, I learned new skills, I shared my experience with others in mini videos on YouTube and now I quilt for others and teach at quilt expos and shows, as well as offering online courses and a full line of tools, thread, patterns and supplies through the online store.

I try to make the learning process simple for new quilters, and keep it interesting for experienced quilters. We try to give personal service for all classes and online shopping, My hope is to make Bold Notion Quilting  your hometown quilt shop right in your back pocket .

So many people don’t have the opportunity to follow their passion and I am so grateful for  my family who accidentally pushed me towards quilting with their tantrums, for my husband who supports me in WHATEVER crazy idea I have no matter what, and to all of you, because of your faith in me, I have this opportunity…so thank you, thank you, thank you!

From my family to yours,

Thank you for Quilting and shopping with me!


Our Mission

To use the love and craft of quilting to create content and develop a supportive network for quilters to learn new techniques and reach their fullest potential.


Our Vision

To embolden quilters at every skill level through quality instruction and implementation of innovative techniques.