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Now scheduling: February 2024-August 2024

See the list of classes offered below for Quilt shop and Guild Workshops.

**Any class can be adjusted for time or skill level and all worksheets and note packet materials are included in the cost below.

**Hands on workshops require a classroom space large enough  for machines to practice on.

Not sure what Course or Lecture to pick? Do you need a class adapted for a lecture? …No problem, contact us for more information!


Contemporary Quilting Elements

Skill Level: Confident Beginner/Intermediate

4 hour Lecture/Hands on Drawing

As the functionality of our free motion quilting transitions into art for our homes, we look to elevate and apply the designs we know in creative ways. Learn to navigate through several different modern free motion designs as well as how to pair with ruler work, plan, and quilt them everywhere! you will learn the techniques you need to tackle not only the designs we cover in class, but the designs you already know for more custom quilting concepts. Leave with the confidence and inspiration you need to propel your custom quilting skills forward.


How Do I Quilt That?

Skill Level: Any

2 Hour Lecture/Trunk Show

Ever wondered How or what to quilt on a specific project? Lets talk about what it takes to decide what KIND of quilting elements to use on a specific project, how to organize your thoughts and plans for quilting, and how to whittle down the possibilities to get just the right design in just the right area. We will even talk about how to utilize the designs you ALREADY know and use them in place of designs you aren’t so confident about yet. There are so many possibilities for how to quilt your tops, lets figure out where to begin so we can each find our own unique style for how to complete our projects.


Beautiful Blocks And Borders

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

4 hour Lecture/Hands on Drawing

Have you ever had trouble making a design fit evenly across your borders or sashing’s; or selecting which designs to put in various blocks? well look no further… Learn new techniques for how to divide and conquer any top. If you are an avid quilter or new to FMQ there is something in this class for you. Come in with questions and leave with a renewed desire to expand and explore your free motion quilting knowledge. Bring in a finished top and if there is time at the end of class we can discuss possible design options!


Go The Distance

Skill Level: Any

1-2 Hours Lecture/Trunk Show (great for guild presentations)

Now and days quilts are made with lots of negative space as quilt top makers are trying a more modern take on traditional piecing designs. As free motion quilters it is our responsibility to know how to best enhance these areas with quilting that adds interest and texture to our tops and doesn’t distract from them. It is one thing to know how to quilt various designs and another to know how to implement them in various combinations to take your quilting to the next level. I hope you’ll join us as we open up our minds to the possibilities negative space can bring; we show various samples of quilt tops and discuss Ideas for dissecting, designing and implementing various quilting motifs.


Ruler-work Fundamentals

Skill Level: Any

3 hour Lecture/Hands on Drawing

Join in on the fun as we learn the fundamentals of ruler work, what rulers are, why you would use a specific ruler for a specific task, how to use them on various machine types, and how to utilize those rulers to give you fun and interesting layouts on your quilts. We will discuss options to divide and conquer your quilt tops. Free motion can be a scary topic but the ease and ability to control Designing with rulers can really take the scare out of the unknown of free motion quilting. And give you the control you need to tackle those UFO’s.


For hands on-stitching you’ll need 4-5 hours please specify in your contact form if you would like hands on machine time added to the class.

Fancier Feathers

Skill Level: Any

3 hours Lecture/Drawing Based

Love the look of feathers but not sure how to get the Idea out of your head and onto fabric? Join in on the fun as we explore various types of feathers, their movement and structure as well as feather combinations that will take your average feather to Fancier Feathers in no time at all! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced quilter, whether you sit down or stand up to quilt, you will walk away with lots of inspiration and the confidence that you can do this!