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This form is for Edge to Edge Computerized Quilting ONLY. The current wait time is 2-4 weeks once your quilt is received, for us to quilt it and send it back to you. 

Edge to Edge Quilting is characterized as one continuous and repetitive fluid design over your whole quilt-top, you can select one of the Edge to Edge Designs from the form below, if you have another design in mind we have over 200 options, select “surprise me!” from the options below and provide a description of what you’re looking for as well as a phone number & email in the comments section at the end of the form so that we can find something in our library that works well for you BEFORE we quilt your project.

Let’s Get Started:


Once you have your quilt top finished, all you have to do is enter in all your information below for a price quote on edge to edge quilting & batting, if you would like to send in your quilt for quilting simply proceed to pay and send in your quilt to the address provided. You will be notified once it is received.

Quilts are quilted on a first come first serve basis so once you fill out your form ship off your quilt ASAP (ship it in 3 or less days with tracking if possible like a priority mailer)  to ensure it is placed in line accordingly.


Longarm Edge to Edge – Mail-In Quilting Form:

Please send your quilts to:
Bold Notion Quilting
P.O. Box #60402

Corpus Christi, Texas  78466

Please Login To Submit your Quilt entry, this will ensure I have the most information possible to get a hold of you should I need Clarification on anything. This will also provide a return address for shipping.

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If you want to want to find a different design than what I have showing n this form before you submit this form for quilting that isn’t a problem I have over 200 designs to choose from.

Email, provide a photo of the top, and the kind of designs you might be looking for and we can send you some options to choose from!

If you need a quilt completed in LESS than 14 days:

We usually can accommodate you, simply email Lauren at and we can work out all the details. Lauren has to agree to get your quilt quilted in the specified time frame and mailed back to you to ensure your timeline can be met, depending n the size of your quilt there may be an additional fee to rush.

If you have any special needs or requests feel free to add that to the comments section at the END of the form, and if we have any questions, we will call to ensure we get it just right before we begin quilting.

Looking for a little more information before you get started?  Here are some answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

This form is for Edge to edge quilting only, For Detailed full custom Quilting please click the button below for quotes and timeline availability.

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