FMQ 101-Beginners Guide To free Motion Quilting

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This class is made with the beginner in mind, Have you ever been unsure of what materials to select for your project, or even disappointed with the way your quilt turned out? Are you making a Wall hanging? Quilt for your grandson? Quilt for your bed?

When you see a finished quilt it’s the end result  of a lot of decisions being made, decisions you might not even realize you’re making. Your quilt might not end up with the resulted look, feel or drape you were hoping for, so lets talk about all of the materials involved in giving your quilt the look and feel you want. Your batting, thread, fabrics, needles and even design density make all the difference in your end result, so lets dive right in and give you the tools you need to confidently make the right decisions for your quilts, based on your specific projects needs.

We also cover 10+ free motion quilting designs to master  as a beginner before you move onto more. These designs are hand selected to fuel your confidence and build wonderful groundwork  as you progress into intermediate design work.

Skill Level Required: None

13 Videos Totalling 7.25 hours of content

Don't forget your sample pack to follow along

Sampler - FMQ 101 kit

***colors of threads vary per kit all of them are different**
Our FMQ 101 sampler pack is a great addition the the FMQ 101 course so you can follow along and try various threads and batting with me and practice comparing, contrasting, and combining materials to get your desired look and feel of your quilting projects.
This kit is made for you to be able to sample 3 of the glide threads (glide 60 weight polyester filament 11.90,  polyester trilobal mini spool $4.31, glide 50 weight premo soft polyester spun (matte like a cotton threads) mini spool $6.68) and 5 different sample of batting 8x11 respectively" of quality quilters dream 100% cotton, 80/20, polyester black, bamboo, wool.

The samples in the kit for batting are supplied by quilters dream batting as a free gift for this sampler and you are not charged for it.


This class is made with the beginner in mind, This is Class 1 in a 4 part Master Class series that takes you from “I don’t know what materials to use when I am free motion quilting”, to, “I can custom quilt anything!” Built to help you learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. So often we begin this journey and look for inspiration Everywhere, grab tidbits of information as we can find them. This results in our learning the puzzle that is free motion quilting out of order and it’s hard to see the full picture when we aren’t able to have all the pieces. I know sounds confusing right? well it can be! But never fear! I have compiled a 4 part class series that walks you through the steps you need to BUILD YOUR SKILL one learning block at a time.  see the details below for full class explanation.

Reviews (13)

13 reviews for FMQ 101-Beginners Guide To free Motion Quilting

  1. Sheryl Mckinney

    Lauren shares a wealth of information in this comprehensive class. Definitely worth the investment in skill building

  2. nadine

    I learnt so many of the basics from thread to batting to basic fills! It is a reference I use continually. I would recomend it to all level of quilters!

  3. Erica Hansen (verified owner)

    I’m an intermediate quilter, but this class was worth it for the batting unit alone! I’ve never seen such comprehensive info on batting in a course! Lauren also had great info on tension and causes of skipped stitches that was extremely useful. There was also really help for info about what fabrics and batting’s can help or hinder stabilizing a wall hanging’.

  4. My Green envy Bags

    I like her teaching style. She makes it easy to understand and follow along. I can watch this at my own pace when I have time to watch it. Will buy other courses from Lauren.

  5. Savannah Helm

    This is a great class for someone just starting out that wants to learn as much as they can. I ordered the batting sampler as well and I still refer back to it on some projects!

  6. Darcie Young

    Like all of Lauren’s classes, very well done. Lots of video support.

  7. Debbie Winter

    I learned so much in this class… I keep going back to it for reference again, and again. Keep up the classes Lauren, you are a great teacher.

    • Admin_Lauren

      thank you so much!

  8. Deb Haugen (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this course very much! I like I can go back & view things I have a question on and doodling is the key! I’m exactly here right now and look forward to progressing through all of the FMQ series. Excellent Lauren! I felt exactly like you getting info tidbits everywhere. Now to practice, practice, practice!

  9. Cindylousmom

    I have invested in all of Lauren’s Mastery classes and will in others as they come along. Lauren is an excellent teacher and great business owner.

  10. LIssabakke (verified owner)

    It’s so helpful to have a class that breakdowns all the basics to get you quilting properly from the start!

  11. Peggy Murrell

    I love how Lauren started with the fundamental shapes and moved on from there. The handouts were a big help too. I’ve learned so much from Lauren – she is an excellent instructor.

    • Admin_Lauren

      thank you! my goal was to make it easy for beginners to progress into more intricate shapes going forward!

  12. cjdav2001

    This is a great introductory course. I love the fact that you can watch it over and over again. You are able to watch this course at your own pace.

    • Admin_Lauren

      thank you for takingthe time to leave a review

  13. RhondaPecenka (verified owner)

    I’ve learned so much with this course. I watch it again and again and it has really helped me. Lauren is a great instructor and I highly recommend this course!

    • Admin_Lauren

      I am so glad! thank you very much!

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