FMQ 104- Piece the Puzzle of custom Quilting


And so It begins, our journey into custom quilting and making all of the puzzle pieces fit. Currently We are dropping the Final Documentary videos once a week on sundays 

Class topics overview:

Class worksheets are provided so that you don’t have to take as many notes or waste time drawing out blocks to practice this way you can keep your eyes peeled on the screen and soak up as much information as possible.  Each topic below will have its own video to correspond with the topic and it will range from 20 minutes- 1 hour each video; each topic will have lectures and or demos for the concepts with lots of visual aids to help you understand.

  • What is Custom Quilting?
  • The importance of not “practicing”
  • Selecting Designs to compliment my top
  • Finding Inspiration when there isn’t any…
  • Various ways to practice your Layouts
  • How batting selection & available tools will change my whole design plan
  • improvising my plan to suit my needs Using the tools I have
  • determining thread selections & finding my quilt path
  • creating my battle plan and adjusting “all the things” before I begin
  • Documentary videos begin dropping weekly 5/15/22 for an in-depth “watch me work” documentary and will complete by 6/15/22
  • BONUS: tips for photographing my work
  • BONUS: Tips on (custom) Quilting for  a business

It is so important for me to ensure we do One project (or full demo) a class, Videos & supplemental worksheets that will include a custom quilting segment where I walk you from beginning to end of custom quilting an entire top. classes, as always, are available to rewind and rewatch again and again.

It is not required for you to take the prerequisite courses (FMQ 101, FMQ 102, FMQ 103) But it is HIGHLY recommended so that you can gain as much context as possible these classes were made to build on one another to provide building blocks for quick and sustainable growth, you never know what gems of information you’ll be missing if you haven’t taken those and how they can propel you forward in your quilting journey.)

18 Videos Totalling 12 hours of content (and counting) Will update final numbers once the final weekly video has dropped by end of june

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