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When you’re able, add this item to your cart to help support the Free Classes, videos and patterns that Lauren Carves time out of her schedule to create and share with you. Scheduling time to carveout free content is hard, and sometimes goes by the wayside when we have to choose  a paid gig or filming tutorials or writing patterns. I Love creating free content and giving support for products that we create and sell. This way we can SCHEDULE time to make the content that is free for people to take part in. 

Lauren is a Navy Brat and USCG wife, Bold Notion Quilting is a business we can take from station to station. While Lauren wears many hats and runs a majority of the business, when it comes to the shop… the whole family pitches in so that custom quilting and video classes stay on track. We all appreciate any and all donations that are given to help support this family owned business and the social media content that we share. We wouldn’t have a business without any of you.

*Donations Can be any amount, but begin at just $5 (the minimum for charging a card to accommodate fees) Simply add your Dollar amount to the “Name your Price” box below; that amount will be added to your cart and charged at checkout.

-The Jackson Clan A.K.A- Bold Notion Quilting Thanks you!


*This item is only a donation to support Bold Notion Quilting (and Family) and does not pay for a direct exchange of goods.

Minimum price: $5.00

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