Hoffman Dream Big- Free Motion QAL

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Do you have a dream Big panel… or 3? Not sure where to begin Free motion quilting it, or what designs to use and where to accent the 3-D nature of the panel? What about how to work from the center out and handle the shift of the quilt as your work?

This class not only covers the designs you see here, but comes with a full map-out for how to quilt your panel just as I have quilted mine in the photo, petal by petal you can do the same designs a I have. Not to worry, you would work on designs first by watching me draw them, then by drawing them on your own, then you will practice quilting them and FINALLY… you will be able to quilt your panel with the confidence, that you have all the skill you need to handle this project. Once you start quilting these beauties, you won’t stop!

This is a project Based course so what you see is what you will learn and can work on a specific project till completion.

Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate

15 Videos Totalling 7 hours of content

Radiating Line Stencil

Watch Tutorial


Watch Tutorial

This radiating lines stencil will help to to plan and map out various line designs, radiating from a single point. use as just one piece or combine to make an entire circle.


Bold Notion Quilting Original stencil created for the dream big free motion quilt along.

Reviews (31)

31 reviews for Hoffman Dream Big- Free Motion QAL

  1. Gail Muller

    The Dream Big class was the first class of Lauren’s that I purchased. Without it, I would never have attempted quilting the panel. It was such a good start with Lauren and her business that I have invested in all of her FMQ series and her Fancier Feathers class. The classes are thorough, packed with information, AND she is just an email away if I really don’t understand an issue. Lauren and Bold Notion Quilting are awesome!

  2. Songbird

    I am part of the way through this course and am in LOVE!! Lauren is a fantastic teacher. I purchased several of these panels to play with!! Thank you, Lauren for the great detail you provide in your classes!

  3. Jagquilter

    I learned so much taking this class. I have watched several segments multiple times so I could get the hang of what she was teaching us. It’s so nice to be able to reference the lessons over and over again so you can apply the technical skills to other projects, It’s terrific for hobbyist quilters like myself who don’t use their longarm machines on a regular basis.

  4. My Green envy Bags (verified owner)

    Just started this course and it is great! Lauren is a great teacher. Covers everything and easy to follow. Great value!

  5. RCThorn

    I made two of these panels using techniques from Lauren’s class. It is a great way to improve FMQ skills!

  6. kathy_english

    I love her classes – great to watch over and over to get inspired

  7. RCThorn

    I completed the course and made two of these quilts. So much good information and I have used many of the designs in other quilts. ❤️

  8. Rosamond Corwin

    One of my favorite courses. Her teaching is very clear and you learn so much!

  9. larnakmc

    I love this course. Each section broken down and understand for all levels of quilter. I still refer back to for ideas and reminders of how to do!

  10. Rhonda Williams

    I loved this class! Lauren gave such precise instructions and made it so easy to follow. I love that once you have the class then you can return to it at your convenience and practice as often as you want to.

  11. Nancy Turnbow B…

    This course is amazing and the results are unbelievable. Each year our guild does a raffle quilt. Last year I quilted a panel using Lauren’s course and our guild earned $3800 for a 40 x 40 panel with a very simple border. We are in a small town in the middle of nowhere and we never make that much on a raffle. Other quilts have only brought in 1/3 of that.

  12. taurigal

    The Dream Big panel quilt has become an obsession for many quilters, but it can be very intimidating for some (like me!) This class has been amazing and I would highly recommend it for anyone who is contemplating a Dream Big quilt of their own. The video content of this course is clear and easy to follow, and students are provided with several beautiful design choices and given the tools to recreate them or expand on them and create their own designs. There are lots of helpful tips and tidbits throughout the course as well that translate well into other future projects. For more fun, I also recommend taking Bold Notion’s Dream Big Leaf class. Happy Quilting!

  13. Linda Walker1

    I have watched this class completely and am getting ready to quilt my first dream big panel. This class was so informative! I love having access so you can watch, and then go back and review when you need reminders.

  14. StephanieGelber

    i loved this course! The materials are really good to help you think through designs, and the delivery makes it easy to understand. The Dream Big panel is a wonderful way to jump into FMQ if you are a little hesitant. Small investment, huge return! I’ve done several of these for practice and everytime I finish one, I think “this doesn’t look like practice!”
    Great course – do it!

  15. Ruth.holland

    Incredible, easy to follow class. Lauren is a great teacher, and inspires me to go beyond what I believe I can do. Thank you!

    • Admin_Lauren

      this is so wonderful to hear!

  16. Valantbr

    One of my first classes with Lauren Jackson. After this one I got hooked on her courses. This class is excellent for beginners. She explains everything super well and there is a lot of information on designs and free motion. I totally recommend it.

  17. Bobbie Hunley

    While I’ve been busy collecting the classes, Lauren is such an inspiration for quilting and I feel that I’ll have the confidence to create a beauty with her teachings skills

  18. Gq0704

    This was my first course with Lauren and it was great! She explains everything clearly. I loved the worksheets and all of the practicing before you actually get started. I learned a lot about quilting and preparation from taking this class. I was able to complete the actual quilting in one day after all of my prep. I receive many compliments on my finished top which is hanging in my quilt room. Thank you Lauren

  19. Mary Joran (verified owner)

    I love the class. Lauren gives detailed explanations on how to stitch out the designs. This class lets you focus on your stitching because you do not have to worry about coming with designs.

  20. Glittergal4u

    I’ve taken his class. Still haven’t finished mine yet but I love the print outs and the step by step tutorials.

    • Admin_Lauren

      I sure hope you’ll take the dive and quilt with us! I love seeing what you all create!

  21. Bobbie Hunley

    Not only does Lauren walk you through step by step with your quilting, she provides the color co-coordinating threads to add to your masterpiece

  22. pchirichigno

    I highly recommend any of Lauren’s courses. Her directions are clear and helpful for both the novice and advanced quilter. Her love for quilting is contagious. I am always looking forward to her next class offering!

  23. larnakmc

    One of the first free motion quilting courses I have taken. This class was easy to follow and the instruction was easy enough for a newbie longarmer. Great learning experience!

    • Admin_Lauren

      this is what I strive for! I am so glad it was easy to follow for a newbie!

  24. Bubbie (verified owner)

    Lauren’s teaching is easy to follow. She is very real and teaches as though she were beside you. She isn’t afraid to make mistakes in front of the camera to show you what not to do or what to do in case you make a mistake. Of course, all her course materials help you practice before going to the machine. The dream big course here is great for beginners like me. It was great practice for other quilting.

  25. Sue Halter

    This was a fun class which allowed me to ‘let go’ and enjoy the process. I learned so much.

  26. Vmoore

    I have learned so much and I haven’t finished yet! The instructions are very clear. The practice pages are great. Will take more courses!

  27. quiltingofcourse

    I took this course and loved it! Lauren prepared class materials that showed exactly how to create the shapes for the quilting. Her demonstrations are so inspiring. I get a lot of ideas from watching.

    • Admin_Lauren

      thank you so much!

  28. Medidit

    When this panel first came out, I really wasn’t planning on purchasing one, and then Lauren came out with a class. Very detailed in instructions along with lots of extra tips and added downloads so you can practice before you quilt. I am so glad that I took the class. Great teacher!

  29. SueMarie Minyard

    Best Course Ever! Working in small areas (petals), with excellent guidance, Lauren helped me create a beautiful quilt! Definitely recommend this course to ANYONE who would like to learn new skills, advance your skills or just complete something fantastic. Lauren walks you through every step, from your first doodle to your last stitch with ease, grace, and confidence.

    • Admin_Lauren

      how nice of you! thank you so much!! what a nice compliment.

  30. LIssabakke (verified owner)

    Great tutorial to learn how to make this panel fabulous!

  31. Joanne Perillo

    I did’t realized there was a spot to leave a review. Lauren’s class fits all levels of quilting. She explains very well and helps anyone make sense of any pattern she does. I’ve sign-up for a few of her courses and I learn so much from every course. Thanks, :Lauren, for giving your time and talent to help us conquer free motion quilting.

    • Admin_Lauren

      thank you so much for the wonderful compliment! I am so happy the classes are helpful! 🙂

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