Memory Quilt Like a BOSS! (Class)


Memory Quilt making can be daunting, but it can be a great way to preserve a loved one, an accomplisment or a special day. Learning how to make Memory Quilts painless has been a hobby of mine for the last several years and I want to pass this information off to you!


In this class we will cover how to make a Memory Quilt like a BOSS! You will see my process on

  • Intake
  • prep
  • stabilizing
  • sorting/mapping (or creating a layout)
  • cutting
  • arranging
  • piecing
  • and finally quilting.

as an added bonus we will also talk tips and tricks for how to work a memory quilt that has already been started and now we need to make all the pieces fit! as always you have acess to this class forever! So jump into any section as you need to!

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