FMQ 101 – Everything you need to Know to Begin


This class is made with the beginner in mind, This is Class 1 in a 4 part Master Class series that takes you from “I don’t know what materials to use when I am free motion quilting”, to, “I can custom quilt anything!” Built to help you learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. So often we begin this journey and look for inspiration Everywhere, grab tidbits of information as we can find them. This results in our learning the puzzle that is free motion quilting out of order and i’ts hard to see the full picture when we aren’t able to have all the pieces. I know sounds confusing right? well it can be! But never fear! I have compiled a 4 part class series that walks you through the steps you need to BUILD YOUR SKILL one learning block at a time.  see the details below for full class explanation.

Don't forget your sample pack to follow along

Sampler - FMQ 101 kit

***colors of threads vary per kit all of them are different**
Our FMQ 101 sampler pack is a great addition the the FMQ 101 course so you can follow along and try various threads and batting with me and practice comparing, contrasting, and combining materials to get your desired look and feel of your quilting projects.
This kit is made for you to be able to sample 3 of the glide threads (glide 60 weight polyester filament 11.90,  polyester trilobal mini spool $4.31, glide 50 weight premo soft polyester spun (matte like a cotton threads) mini spool $6.68) and 5 different sample of batting 8x11 respectively" of quality quilters dream 100% cotton, 80/20, polyester black, bamboo, wool.

The samples in the kit for batting are supplied by quilters dream batting as a free gift for this sampler and you are not charged for it.

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I am so excited to share all of this with you!

Well welcome! …lots of us are new to free motion and I’ve chosen some free motion quilting designs to get you started quilting without discouraging you from continuing, these are the fundamental designs all newbies should aster and can really help you to learn other shapes and designs down the road.

Have you wondered what results you get changing up materials used?
Lets discuss what a quilt looks and feels like when we use Flannel, or cotton, or anti pill fleece, how about Minky? do’s and don’ts with each fabric? why would I use any of these? it can be difficult to decide what materials to use for our projects but I am here to give you information to build your project one block at a time!

How about Batting?
Well batting is actually one of the more important pieces of the puzzle to consider.. why would I use a particular kind of batting? what will it feel like when it’s finished? can I use 2 layers? why would I want to? which 2 layers should I use? How do I use them?

What about thread?
Does it matter what kind of thread I use? What is the difference in the weight? how will the weight of the thread impact my project? do you have tips for using specialty threads? what is the difference between poly and cotton? can I use poly on cotton?

What about tension?
I’ve got nests on the back of my quilt? the thread is pulling to the top… my thread won’t stop shredding.. help! what do I do?

Tools of the trade
what kind of rulers are out there? what should I consider when Buying them? why would I use certain marking tools? when would I use certain marking tools? what about stencils? etc… I’m new to free motion, what designs should I start stitching with?

This class is meant to help you build confidence one step at a time. I want to empower you with knowledge on the entire quilting process from start to finish, but more than teach you a specific project and just what you need for that project , I want to give you the tools you need to apply to ANY project!

Free Motion 101 is a pay to play class and is Saturated in content. FMQ-101 is class 1 in a series of 4 master classes. Each class in the series will debut once every few months in until all 4 are out, and will each be a separate cost. You can pick and choose which classes mean the most to you and jump in for any class regardless if you’ve taken the previous class.

Materials needed:
Printer for PFD files and worksheets
pen and paper for notes

if you want to quilt with me

a 30×40 quilt sandwich with a top layer batting and a bottom layer of fabric. Should do for any sitdown or standup quilter

if you prefer smaller sandwiches for sitdown quilting you might want to consider doing 3-5 18×18 quilt sandwiches so that they are easier to maneuver on a dsm.

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