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  • Quiltworx-Plan Quilting on Intricate tops

    15 Lessonsin
    • Quiltworx- How to Plan Quilting for Intricate Tops - $74.25

    The Quiltworx Planning class is officially upon us! This class is a Lecture / Documentary type class for learning planning and handling tips for not only Quiltworx  Quilt Tops but can aid in managing quilt tops with intricate patterns.  We will discuss many different Quiltworx...

  • Master That Mandala

    18 Lessonsin
    • Master that Mandala! (Class) - $76.50

    Have you ever looked at an Ice Dyed Mandala Quilt and wondered how the quilter approached  and executed the quilting? Are you ready to learn practical applications to divide and design a whole cloth Mandala Quilt top? In this hands on workshop we will cover...

  • FMQ 104 piece the puzzle of custom quilting.

    25 Lessonsin
    • FMQ 104- Piece the Puzzle of custom Quilting - $150.00

      Welcome to our FMQ 104 course piece the Puzzle of Custom quilting! The goal is to open up your mind for inspiration and show you how my mind works to get from conception to reality. Follow along with the inspirational powerpoints and demos, as...

  • APQS Videos By Lauren!

    • APQS Tutorials With Lauren! - $0.00
  • Memory Quilt like a BOSS!

    8 Lessonsin
    • Memory Quilt Like a BOSS! (Class) - $30.00