Memory Quilt like a BOSS!

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MQLAB- Intake and Assess

Length: 27 minutesComplexity: Easy

it’s important to know what you’ve got before you plan and try to arrange your quilt it makes it really easy to create balance with color and sizing befor eyou try to plan your piecing.

What we have vs What we need & setting layout options

Length: 66 minutesComplexity: Easy

sometimes we need to just play this by ear, take note of what you have design a layout then take not of what you need before you stabilize or cut.   the worksheet with the “how to cut  templates” layout will be out here by…

MQLAB Quilt Your TOP pt. 2

Length: 54 minutesComplexity: Easy

Watch as Lauren Quilts her Top from start ot finish an as she interjects to share some control and design tips.

BONUS: What to do with various mediums

Length: 45 minutesComplexity: Easy

sometimes our clients, or even ourselves want to use pieces that may not work properly in our tops. In the event you might want to use some of these items here are some tips and insight to help get you through it!   video coming…