Quiltworx-Plan Quilting on Intricate tops

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The Quiltworx Planning class is officially upon us! This class is a Lecture / Documentary type class for learning planning and handling tips for not only Quiltworx  Quilt Tops but can aid in managing quilt tops with intricate patterns.  We will discuss many different Quiltworx tops as a whole, show in detail the quilting designs chosen and discuss how I come about selecting the designs and quilting elements for each top. We will dissect and overcome with examples from 9 different Quiltworx patterns and 11 finished quilts.

We will then take the lecture style class one step further and include the video documentary of quilting the “Coral Reef” Quilt top. Watch as I document the quilting process from design plan, to quilt path tips, and  quilting tricks on my longarm machine. We will also discuss tips and tricks for sitdown quilters trying to handle massive tops such as these.

I hope this class is helpful for you on your journey as you jump in and quilt your special tops!   Please watch the video above to get the full understanding of what this class entails it is lecture demo based not hands on skill building

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced if you plan on executing a top like this

Skill Level: None if you plan to simply take in the information.



Length: 6 minutes

Welcome to our Quiltworx class!  You have many lessons and videos to go through for class Ensure you print/grab all your worksheets and everything below to get started. Remember for being an early bird and pre-registering you get a special coupon to save 15% on...

Design Practice-BONUS!

Length: 20 minutes

Lets look at a few other Quiltworx tops and see how they inspire us! There are 2 worksheets below one that is empty and one that is full of my drawings, I recommend printing the empty ones to practice with, I hope you like this…

Coral Reef Mapout

Length: 60 minutes

Lets Mull over design concept ideas for the Coral reef Quilt top! There is a printout Below if you need it for anything.

Tool Selection

Length: 36 minutes

Having the right tools to quilt your Quiltworx top can make your quilting a smooth process or a difficult one, watch this video and get tips on thread for your top and bobbin and rulers and tools to make our Mapout plan a success.

Documentary-Segment 7 Black Borders

Length: 53 minutes

Lets wrap up the quilting journey on the Quiltworx Coral reef Quilt top. I know it’s not easy to see Black on black quilting but I am hopeful the quilt path is helpful to you.