Master That Mandala

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Have you ever looked at an Ice Dyed Mandala Quilt and wondered how the quilter approached  and executed the quilting? Are you ready to learn practical applications to divide and design a whole cloth Mandala Quilt top?

In this hands on workshop we will cover multiple avenues for planning, mapping and dissecting your quilt top so that you can design and quilt your own custom pieces with confidence.

It is so important you learn varying ways to make your designs come to life, that’s why I will be showing examples of planning, mapping and quilting on 4 different layouts of mandalas for you. We will use all the tools at our disposal to complete these tops, so get your quilt sandwich ready  and unbox all those rulers and marking utensils in that drawer.. because you’re going to be inspired to use them!

ready, set… lets go!

Sit down quilters and Standup quilters welcome, as always, prerecorded classes are available to watch and stream  at your leisure again and again!

There are very limited number of 22″ by 22″ mandala kits available for this class with coordinating thread kits and backing and binding suggestions. There is also a list of rulers and stencils utilized in class in your class handout.



Length: 12 minutes

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Rosie Stitchout

Length: 69 minutes

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