July FMQ-Along Course

Welcome to the July FMQ-Along. This is a free course offered By Lauren to help you learn free motion quilting skills in an actionable way.

We utilize combining FMQ and ruler work on a manageable sized project (we are making awesome place mats!) to help you learn about ruler work and quilt path with free motion quilting.

Worksheets and diagrams are included in this free class. You’ll see there is a name your price tool below, while I love making and putting out free content it takes a lot of time and planning to do so, so if you’re able  and or would like to donate a little something, now you can. Otherwise you can always just put in $0.00 and it’ll send you the free class all the same!

see description below for materials list.

Suggested price: $35.00

Minimum price: $0.00

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1 yard- Backing Fabric

2/3rds yard- Top Fabric (make sure it isn’t a busy fabric)

1 yard- Batting

1 blue pen-water soluble fabric marker

1 purple pen-air and water soluble

24” ruler for marking

Thread for top and Bobbin (wind Bobbins before hand)

Straight edge quilting ruler ¼” thick for machine quilting

4.5” Curved Ruler (either the BFF or the #8 (1/4” thick for Machine Quilting)

Either a sit-down or stand up machine for quilting participation!

Pen/Paper or worksheets for design practice

❤️ Patience! ❤️

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