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The Hexagon Border buddy free motion quilting ruler with the outer dimensions measuring at 7.5″ (wall to wall)  and 8.75″ (tip to tip) on either side. This ruler is unique because it is 1/4″ acrylic which means it can be used on all longarm/ midarm machines and domestic high shank  machines. Also because not all machines are built alike, if you’re like me, the tiny 1/4″ opening that most inset rulers have, to fit my ruler foot into, simply will not do. So welcome the unique puzzle design that will fit around all ruler feet!

Inside we have smaller hexagons that quilt 3″ , 2″ and 1″ (on the flat side) or quilt 3.5″, 2.25″ and 1.25″ (point o point) Ruler has  markings all around for ease of use when making intricate designs such as 90 & 45* markings as well as 1/4″ registration lines for placement. Be sure to be on the lookout for border buddy videos to show you how to get the most out of your ruler. You can join the free Border Buddy class here. Knowledge is Power, learn to use your tools to thier highest potential.

Some sitdown  quilting machines (or domestic sewing machines) shanks are too low to fit the ruler behind the foot and the ankle might hit the ruler, check for clearance before purchasing this ruler for a domestic sewing machine if you’ve never used an inset ruler. it is important that this  ruler can fit underneath the back side of your hopping foot.

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1/4″ thick acrylic template for use on longarm and mid arm machines as well as high shank domestic machines.

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