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Border buddy is a circular ruler with the outer dimensions measuring at 6.5″ around. This ruler is unique because it is 1/4″ acrylic which means it can be used on all longarm machines and domestic high shank  machines. Also because not all machines are built alike, if you’re like me the tiny 1/4″ opening to fit my ruler foot into the shapes simply will not do. So welcome the unique puzzle design that will fit around all ruler feet! Inside we have unique size circles measuring at 3/4″, 1 & 3/4″ and 2 & 3/4″. this is because our sashings and borders are often 1″, 2″, or 3 ” and lets face it not all quilts are sewn perfectly. these sizes are great scant sizes that allow for your circular designs to fit even when the sashings waiver in consistency. Some sitdown shanks are too low to fit the ruler behind the foot and the ankle might hit, check for clearance before purchasing for a sitdown machine

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1/4″ thick acrylic template for use on longarm and mid arm machines as well as high shank domestic machines.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 0.25 in
Reviews (28)

28 reviews for Border Buddy Circle Ruler High

  1. Lisa Craven (verified owner)

    Finally got to use my new Border Buddy circle tool… handy and easy to use, it moves to the top of my circle tool list!

    • Admin_Lauren

      thank you for the kind review!

  2. Missannies (verified owner)

    This ruler is fantastic. Easy to make circles and move it to the next position.

  3. DeeDee

    love this ruler. easy to use and fun

  4. Cynthia Billing…

    Love the border buddy for many uses!

  5. Irene Mattoon (verified owner)

    Love the border buddy ruler. Perfect circles scallops & curves! So.exciting

  6. DeeDee

    fun ruler with limitless possibilities.

  7. DeeDee

    ruler and limitless of possibilities

  8. Mary Jo

    Love this ruler and the videos on YouTube showing multiple designs you can create with it.

  9. melodyrae

    I love this ruler!

  10. Cynthia Billing…

    Love the variety of uses for this well-made ruler!

  11. Rhonda Williams

    Love this ruler! It is great to have so many different sizes in one ruler. You can use this ruler in so many different places: borders,, blocks, or even all over patterns. Wonderful!

  12. Tanya Mercer (verified owner)

    Love the Border Buddy Ruler! Design is great for working around the needle bar and combined with Lauren’s instruction, a real value to my quilting Arsenal.

  13. Donna Saltz

    This Buddy Ruler is so helpful. I could not do a leftwards (counterclockwise) circle. It always ended up being very wonky. Then after a few pretty good clockwise circles, I’d end up with another wonky one. This ruler with all the different sized circles was the answer to a lot of frustration. I like it so much and my circles are perfect every time, every way.

  14. Karen Small

    Love Border Buddy Ruler. Lines are clearly marked for lining ruler up and the way it comes apart to put it around the ruler foot is genius.

  15. Jhomer

    The ruler is excellent quality.. Markings are clear and easy to use.

  16. Lisa Tall

    I am new to using rulers but I very successfully used this multi-circle ruler to do an all-over design with intersecting circles (and squares). Great functionality to have 4 different sized circles in one ruler. Easy to use!

  17. Darcie Young (verified owner)

    Very useful ruler. The inside perimeter of each circle is very smooth. When I want perfect looking circles, this is the ruler I go to.

  18. Bubbie (verified owner)

    The quality of this ruler is fantastic. The circle sizes are useful – like the little 3/4″ size .

  19. Sue Halter

    This is a great ruler. It gets used a lot!!

  20. Becke60

    Love this ruler. You can use it in the blocks or in dashing or borders. Anywhere you want circles and with 3 sizes plus the outside there is sure to be the size you need.

  21. Ceetee

    I LOVE this ingeniously designed ruler!

  22. Valantbr

    I have had this ruler since it came out. I don’t know how many times I used it. It is sturdy although it comes apart and the sizes of the circles are perfect.

  23. Rosamond Corwin

    Love this ruler !

  24. Jagquilter

    Someday I might be able to make gorgeous circles without ruler help, and since I am a hobby quilter instead of a professional quilter that day is a long ways off. The Border Buddy is my go-to circle helper and is easy to use.

  25. quiltingofcourse

    Love my border buddy circle ruler. It’s great that it comes apart and you can use it so many different ways.

  26. MJ Ibarguen

    I’ve been using this ruler for a year now, and really enjoy it. Circles work in all kinds of places. Since lots of my scrappy quilts start with 5″ squares or 2.5″ jelly roll strips, the 2″ circle fits perfectly.

  27. Sally Mann

    If you struggle with smooth circles, this is the answer! Easy to use and fun to use. You can do so much more than just circles with this if you let your imagination take control. Love mine!

    • Admin_Lauren

      Especially when you let your imagination take control!

  28. Patricia Angles…

    Love the Border Buddy circle ruler! So easy to use with multiple design

    • Admin_Lauren

      it’s one of my go to rulers for sure!

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