Ruler Success Bundle

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Keep rulers and templates in place with these self adhesive handi-grip gripper tape strips. 4- 1 inch x 5 inches each. These feel like sandpaper and are gentle on fabrics, but won’t twist and bend and fall off like rubber adhesive grips. You will only need to apply one time and such small pieces (like 1/4″ by 1/4″) is used as a time this pack will last you a ling time!

Put them in inconspicuous places on your rulers so that you can keep the lines for quilting visible. and : Omnigrid® Glow-Line Tape is a transparent fluorescent tape for highlighting lines and shapes on rulers; use it to highlight measurements used repeatedly during a project or to create project-specific angles on a ruler. Glow-Line Tape is low tack and easy to use it won’t leave residue on your ruler, so it’s easy to apply and remove from rulers You can use Glow-Line Tape either underneath or on top of your rulers It’s great for beginners to aid in locating measurements, and it’s a time-saver for repeated quilting designs. Package contains 3 colors: pink, orange and yellow

Glow Line Tape-Ruler Marking

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Ruler Grip Strips

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2 reviews for Ruler Success Bundle

  1. Lisa Tall

    These two items are so helpful for ruler work. Just a little grip tape is all that’s needed. And the Glow Line tape is so much easier to see and use than the tiny strips of masking tape I was cutting!

  2. Medidit

    I purchased this along with my first rulers. The grip tape is amazing, no slipping at all. The glow line tape is perfect when you are doing repetitive ruler work whether it is quilting or cutting.

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