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Introducing the NEW stunning straight edge Mini ME! This one comes with a 45* handle to enhance your quilting experience and allow for you to alter your hand positions so your hands don’t get tired so easily. The MiniMe is unique and so helpful in working your way around Applique and varying angles of curves. I have modified the ruler to better work for all of your marking and quilting needs! the ruler is 5″ long by 2″ wide. I love this ruler because it makes it easy to follow quilting lines and designs with its blue tint that glows with little light.. making it easy to follow the marking guides on light AND dark fabrics.

following the 1/4 inch guidelines is a snap! 1/4 and 1/2 inch horizontal markings so you can measure and mark right at your machine! no extra rulers needed! Take your quilting designs to the next level with multiple degrees for quilting angles, which are amazing when you don’t want to mark so much and just want to quilt! see the 30*, 45*, 60* and 75* angles to make angles and arrows a snap!

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Don't forget

Ruler Grip Strips

Keep rulers and templates in place with these self adhesive handi-grip gripper tape strips. 4- 1 inch x 5 inches each. These feel like sandpaper and are gentle on fabrics, but won't twist and bend and fall off like rubber adhesive grips. You will only need to apply one time and such small pieces (like 1/4" by 1/4" is used as a time this pack will last you a long time!)  for these grips to work well, Put them in inconspicuous places on your rulers so that you can keep the lines for quilting visible.

items are packed in a resealable packge with our BNQ logo.


Glow Line Tape-Ruler Marking

Omnigrid® Glow-Line Tape is a transparent fluorescent tape for highlighting lines and shapes on rulers; use it to highlight measurements used repeatedly during a project or to create project-specific angles on a ruler. Glow-Line  Tape is low tack and easy to use €“ it won't leave residue on your ruler so it's easy to apply and remove from rulers You can use Glow-Line„¢ Tape either underneath or on top of InvisiGrip It's great for beginners to aid in locating measurements, and it's a time-saver for specialty cutting or repeated registration lines.

Package contains 3 colors: pink, orange and yellow 1/4" thick by 21 yards


This ruler s 1/4″ thick  and made for high shank DSM’s as well as long and mid arm machines.

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Weight .3125 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 2 in
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  1. Lisa Craven (verified owner)

    Just ordered this when I saw Lauren using on the FB page….game changer!!! So easy to use, the handle makes a big control difference, and the markings help so much to line up correctly. Love it!!!

    • Admin_Lauren

      it’s like an extension of your hand! thanks for the kind review!

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