Irish Spring


Premosoft King Spool 3000-yds. Premosoft is a 50 weight thread that utilizes a spun polyester construction giving it the look and feel of cotton, while retaining the long-lasting colorfastness and strength of polyester. It provides a subtle matte-finish to your projects. Made in america, and runs with little lint compared to it’s competitors.

Compare to Superior So fine 50 weight matte threads  @$17-$20 per cone made abroad. Premosoft isn’t as widely known as so fine but runs with less lint and more  consistency at a better price, this product is made by the same makers as glide.

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VERSATILE & FUNCTIONAL: Works well on multi-directional and high-speed machine operations. Its cotton-like feel makes it perfect for inconspicuous work. STRENGTH: Customers rely on the superior strength of Premo-Soft. Stronger thread translates into fewer thread breaks and less machine downtime. LOW-LINT: Premo-Soft produces minimal lint as it passes through your machine’s needle and tensioners. Great alternative to cotton threads while producing the same look. COLOR-FAST: Premo-Soft is washable, color-fast, and provides superior resistance to abrasion and chemicals. A trustworthy thread you can rely on over the years when longevity matters.

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