Horizontal Thread spool Adapter


A single (removable) thread cone adapter. For those specialty threads you want to use but are too finnicky to use on a Long or midarm machine give this Horizontal thread cone adapter a try.

Usually when you use  specialty threads they can be frail, this is made worse by the increased amount of tension running thread from the back of the machine to the front of the machine; lets take the tension off your specialty thread by mounting your Horizontal spool holder over the thread guide above your tension disks, this minimizes the tension coming off of the back of the machine and makes those finnicky threads alot more friendly to use.

Works phenomenally for stack would spools of thread  as pictured with the mini hologram spool and has lifted caps so that you can use  it with multiple styles of thread cones and keep the thread cone even and lifted as you run it.

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Dimensions 6 × 2 × 1 in
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