Red Snapper side clamps 12″

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12 inch clamps made for 18-22″ throated machines, Includes two clamps in a package .Get a more even tension grip on the edges of your quilt with the Red-E-Edge Clamps.

Clamps pinch the edge of the fabric tightly to allow you to add side tension to the entire exposed edge of your quilt top. Lightweight side clamps hold the quilt edges with more even tension than when you use two or three of the standard clamps that probably came with your quilting frame. Just open the clamp and slip it over the quilt edge, pinch it closed, and then clamp (using a clamp that came with your frame) onto the elastic cord that runs through the Red-E-Edge Clamp Opening and closing the clamp is easy Available in three sizes for any frame: 12″, 16″ , and 19″ Measure the distance from the leveler bar (the one towards the back that holds the quilt level ) and the front bar (sometimes called the “belly bar”); order a clamp that is SMALLER than that measurement; remember, you need to get your machine pulled off to the side to change bobbins and the hopping foot cannot go over the Red-E-Edge Clamp.

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Weight .625 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 4 × 1 in
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3 reviews for Red Snapper side clamps 12″

  1. Irene Miller Llere

    I have the original clamps and I love them!

    • Admin_Lauren (verified owner)

      so glad!

  2. Judywentz

    I really like these clamps. They are light-weight and keep the sides smooth with even tension.

  3. LyndaSherman

    Had a few problems getting these to stay attached. Thanks Lauren for explaining how to use the ruler to get the material back inside the clamp to correct this problem. I like how these put tension over a larger area of the side.

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