Couching Foot APQS Interchangeable Hopping Foot ONLY


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Couching Foot For APQS Machines Interchangeable Hopping foot ONLY (Legacy 2018 Machines and older with interchangeable hopping foot 2 screw mount see photos) Works with ALL APQS Legacy Model Machines George, Lenni, larry, Lucy, Freddie, and Millie.   The bowl allows for an easier glide over yarns and bulky seams as to not pull or drag and stitch in puckers and pleats. Ideal for couching with its funnel feeder and funneled receiver you can couch “hands-free” this means you don’t have to hold and guide the yarn to get it stitched down. The clear Bowl allows for ease of precise quilting so you can see where you are going. A wonderful addition to your APQS arsenal and fun for all quilters. It is so important to have the right tools for the job, and you can finally couch on your APQS machine. YAY! (legacy models 2018 and older with the round throat ONLY)

This foot is Made and distributed By Bold Notion Quilting LLC and is not an APQS product, Product is approved by APQS and will not void any warranty. I did my homework for you!:) Please read the enclosed Leaflet for Mounting instructions and warranty.

Limited Quantities Available any back ordered items will be sent out with new batches received (once back ordered it can take up to 3 weeks to ship out) this item is made in small batches with 3DP Engineers and strong resin matter (low to no waste productions)



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