Baby Blue – Glide 60wt

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Glide 60 weight Filament polyester 2 ply 5000 Meters. Thin and nearly invisible this thread sinks into your quilt top and allows you blend across various pallets with ease, it is great for micro fill when quilting as the thread doesn’t stack on itself and create buildup with unsightly thread heavy sections.

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Despite having the same color names as Glide, Glide 60 is a finer-sized polyester filament that does not have the same sheen or look of glide 40. Glide 60 Makes a great bobbin thread and is produced from the same high tenacity filament polyester as our patented “Magna-Glide Classic” bobbin, because the thread is a thinner weight you can even fit more yardage in your bobbin so that you have less bobbin changes. Glide 60 runs lint-free through your machine’s needle and tensioners.


blue, light blue, blue tint

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Weight .3125 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 5 in
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1 review for Baby Blue – Glide 60wt

  1. nadine

    Love the glide 60 wt thread . I use it consistently in the bobbin but I have also quilted with it as a top thread!

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