Bunny Love

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Welcome to our Bunny Love Free Motion Quilt Along!

This is the first ever  quilt along Lauren Made and  it is free to participate! The panel used is “Bunny Love” by Stacey Yacula. The Bunny Love panel is no longer in print, but please feel free to still tune in and see what other fun tips you can use to better aid you in your quilting on other projects. This class can easily be utilized on a panel with similar structures (outer border, inner border, and center motif with empty space… nothing in here is measured to a T. So give it a try and post your progress on our free motion quilt along group on FB!)

Materials needed:

  • Bunny Love panel (or one with similar Center character layout)
  • Practice Fabric sandwich
  • Machine
  • Coordinating thread
  • Thread snips
  • Full bobbins
  • Long sturdy Quilting Pins
  • Pen and paper to practice designs
  • Water soluble blue pen
  • Air and water soluble purple pen
  • Inch marking ruler
  • Straight rule for quilting star design
  • Optional: Diamond ruler or shape to get the sun design created.



Bunny Panel QAL #1 Leaf and Feather Border

Free Preview

Length: 24 minutes

Thank you all for joining me on my very first Quilt Along! we will be Quilting a Quilting treasures panel by Stacey Yacula. You'll Find that my methods may be different than others.. and that's ok. I hope there is something you all can take...

Bunny Panel QAL #2 Flower Petals and Graffiti Design

Free Preview

Length: 11 minutes

For this video in our quilt along we will be stitching the flower petals and background petal designs. I did the flower after the first border because I didn’t want to change thread. you can really do these in the order that makes the most…

Bunny Panel QAL #3 Bunny and Flower Center

Free Preview

Length: 12 minutes

Join us as we stitch out the focal point of the quilt. the bunny and the center of the flower. If you’re following along please make sure to watch videos 1 and 2. thank you for joining us!

Bunny QAL # 4 Ruler Work Star Design

Free Preview

Bunny Quilt along video 4. Ruler work bonus video. Please join us as we make the Sun/Star on our panel and utilize rulers to do so. This video originally It wasn’t part of the design but I wanted to do just a little bit of…

How to Draw the Star QAL #4 Clarification

Free Preview

Length: 6 minutes

QAL #4 clarification how to draw the star for quilting. Enjoy! Learn to let go and be Bold with your free motion quilting. it’s not serious here.. all rules are meant to be broken and reshaped! my mission is to help other quilters to be…

Bunny QAL #5 Leaves and Fern Deign

Free Preview

Length: 13 minutes

In this video we will cover how to quilt the leaves, the hidden caterpillar, and our fern design. Bare with me as I cover the fern topic.. it sees like I’m quilting under the influence! just a lot of work time and not enough time…

Bunny QAL #6 Web and Clouds

Free Preview

Length: 19 minutes

Thank you all for joining me with my very first quilt along. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have! in this video we will go over the spider web design as well as the clouds. I am a bit silly in this…