Red Snapper 12 inch Clamps-Loading

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Use extra clamps when extra length is needed or to help hold your quilt top in place while securing the Red Snapper system If you have the Red Snapper quilting frame loading system, you may have already realized it would be nice to have some shorter “clamp” pieces to accommodate a variety of quilt sizes. For example: Your quilt top is 70″ wide and, (from your Red Snapper loading system), you have 44″ and 21″ clamps, which gives you 65″ of coverage. All you need is an extra 5″. That is where the Red Snapper Clamps come in handy. Use a clamp from either the 6″ set or the 12″ set to get that little extra length needed. Either the 6″ or 12″ clamps are great lengths to hold the center and both ends of your quilt top or back in place while you are installing the longer clamps from your loading system; simply remove the shorter ones at you get to them (or leave them there if the extra length is needed).

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 1 in
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1 review for Red Snapper 12 inch Clamps-Loading

  1. Barbara Logan

    I absolutely LOVE my Red Snappers. And these short clamps are really great for those quilts that are just a bit too wide to add another long clamp.

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