Groz Beckert #5 (APQS) 130/21


Official APQS Recommended Needle Type
134 MR/1955 MR/DPX5 MR 5.0
Point style: R
Needle size: 130 / 21
Coating: Chromium
Length butt to eye: 339
Shank diameter: 200

MR needle – for automated sewing processes with multidirectional function
In the sewing industry, increasing use is being made of automated sewing systems which place stringent demands on the sewing needle. Particularly when changing the sewing direction, when the thread is pulled out of the needle eye in different directions, changes of the thread twist can lead to an unstable loop. Standard needles reach the limit of their capability here, which results in sewing problems such as needle breakage, untidy seams (skipped stitches, thread breakage) and material damage. The Groz-Beckert MR needle is capable of dealing with these demands and so provides increased process reliability.

The special features
The special blade and scarf geometry gives the needle extreme bending resistance (deflection resistance), and consequently outstanding stability.
The very deep and long scarf allows to position the hook or looper extremely close to the needle, providing optimum protection for the sewing thread.
The special, asymmetrically shaped thread sliding area inside the eye of the needle ensures stable loop formation (also when changing the seam direction) and so avoids negative loop formation and thread twist.
The special thread guiding area reduces the risk of thread unwinding.
The advantages of the MR needle at a glance
Allows extremely tight adjustment of the hook to the needle
High immunity to skipped stitches
Less thread splicing
Less thread breakage
Optimal protection of the sewing fabric
High productivity thanks to reduced machine downtime

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 0.5 in
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