Simply Gorjuss

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Our Simply Gorjuss & Waverly the Mermaid  QAL is a wonderful way to challenge your free motion quilting skills on 2 separate 24×24″ projects. We will cover all of the motifs pictured (feathers, waves, double cross hatch, arrows, arches, picture frames). Each Panel is designed differently to quilt and is made to enhance your free motion quilting skills as well as your ruler work. Seeing the quilt path in instruction is INCREDIBLY helpful in helping you learn to navigate complex designs from one area to another.

Disclaimer: These Panels are no longer available but an applique pattern of the same size and design has been made! It is called “Waverly” linked below to easily add the pattern to your cart with the class purchase.

See Description Below for Materials list.

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Join us on our free motion quilt along journey as we follow step by step instructions on how to work these free motion quilting designs. In this QAL we focus on various kinds of ruler work, squares, frames, arrows and cross hatching, as well as free motion designs, wishbone, feathers, pebbling and so much more.
These videos walk  you through the quilting on each girl separately, from design concepts, to mapping out the designs, practicing the free motion doodles, and finally stitching them all out.

Both girls are quilted differently so you will gain  knowledge working on more than one quilting style.

* Click HERE For the applique Quilt kit called  “Waverly”  to complete this lesson as the panels are  no longer in print and cannot be sourced. Instead we’ve added to the flare by  making a funky applique mini quilt instead!

The purple girl focuses on a more modern structured look and focuses more on ruler work and measuring. The green girl focuses more on free motion designs and flowing concepts. There are 7 videos with over 4 hours of content. the videos are broken down by girl as well as by step. Breaking down the video content will ensure that you can find any section of this quilt-a-long with ease.


Welcome! -New!

Free Preview

Length: 6 minutes

This New website has files and downloads in different places than the old site. open up this video to see what is different from the old to new website! Thanks for watching!

Applique Tips and Tricks!-Waverly Help

Length: 40 minutes

This applique video isn’t the waverly pattern but rather a tips and tricks for applique to help you when you work on your waverly project!

#1 Simply Gorjuss QAL Materials List

Materials List: (Suggested, of course…if you have something that will work definitely use it I’ve mentioned a few of my favorite specific things!) I want to ensure you have all of the proper materials, so that your quilt along experience can be a joyful one!…

#3 Purple girl Map Out

Length: 26 minutes

Map out all the structural portions of your quilt top so you know where to fill your FMQ designs.

#4 Green Girl Designs Practice

Length: 37 minutes

Learn all the free motion designs we will be stitching on the Green Girl Panel. We will be using plain paper to practice our designs.

#5 Purple Girl Designs

Length: 24 minutes

Learn how to draw and design the free motion fillers we will be using in the purple girl Panel. We will use plain paper to practice our designs.

New!-Waverly Mermaid-Map out Both Girls

Length: 18 minutesComplexity: Standard

In this video we will draw the  framework for the free motion stitching on both mermaid Girl mini quilts! as a prerequisite to know how to do what we are doing in these videos wih confidence you NEED TO WATCH the simply gorjuss designs and…

#6 Green Girl Stitch out

Length: 57 minutes

Watch and stitch along as we put all our wonderful new skills to the test and Free motion quilt the green girl panel.

#7 Border Stitch

Length: 11 minutes

You will utilize this video to stitch the borders of both the green girl panel as well as the purple girl panel.

#8 Purple Girl stitch

Length: 51 minutes

Utilize this video to stitch out all of the designs for the purple girl.