FMQ-101 Beginners Guide to FMQ

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This class is made with the beginner in mind, Have you ever been unsure of what materials to select for your project, or even disappointed with the way your quilt turned out? Are you making a Wall hanging? Quilt for your grandson? Quilt for your bed?

When you see a finished quilt it’s the end result  of a lot of decisions being made, decisions you might not even realize you’re making. Your quilt might not end up with the resulted look, feel or drape you were hoping for, so lets talk about all of the materials involved in giving your quilt the look and feel you want. Your batting, thread, fabrics, needles and even design density make all the difference in your end result, so lets dive right in and give you the tools you need to confidently make the right decisions for your quilts, based on your specific projects needs.

We also cover 10+ free motion quilting designs to master  as a beginner before you move onto more. These designs are hand selected to fuel your confidence and build wonderful groundwork  as you progress into intermediate design work.


Skill Level Required: None


New-Welcome FMQ 101-Watch me!

Free Preview

Length: 6 minutes

This video explains the differences between the look of the old site and the new site to help you get where you're going and to your course printouts!

FMQ101 Intro

Length: 4 minutes

Welcome to FMQ 101! I am so glad you’ll be joining me on this journey for free motion quilting. I’ve taken a ton of what I have learned over the years and broke it up into 4 master classes! 101 walks you through material selections,…

Batting 101

Length: 44 minutes

Want to know about batting properties? Lofts? How to choose the right color of batting for your project? Well you’re in the right place! See the Layout provided in the worksheet below

Fabric 101

Length: 21 minutes

Ever wondered how fabric will effect your tension or the way you should load up a quilt on your long-arm machine? How about stretch for a quilt sandwich? Look no further! Just watch the video!

FMQ 101 -Thread Talk -NEW!

Length: 55 minutes

Lets Talk thread, it is important to know the weights of thread and why they matter for freemotion as well as the sheen and usage.

What is Tension really?

Length: 42 minutes

When you know what tension is, it becomes easier to correct when you have issues! Tune in and see what Lauren has to say about tension.

Testing Tension 101

Length: 35 minutes

Tension can be the worst! Watch me mess it up and then figure it out  getting it back together again. I Show all the tension tips on my Sit down quilting machine George! We also speak alot on domestic machine tension issues.

Tips for Sit Down Basting 101

Length: 25 minutes

Sit down quilters need to create their quilt sandwiches a bit differently than longarm quilters, here are a few ways to do that! I like options.. I hope you do too!

How To-Longarm Loading 101

Length: 25 minutes

Lets talk about a few ways you can load your longarm machine, if you were ever interested in red snappers you’ll see why they help you load your quilt in a snap!

Tools of the trade 101

Length: 50 minutes

Why stencils? Why rulers? What is a pounce pad? How do I use it? Marking tools? Why?? Tune in while Lauren explains some tools of the trade and why some tools will never leave your tool box.

FMQ Design Worksheets

Length: 63 minutes

The designs selected in this class are aimed at beginners, I really want to encourage you to do more with your free motion quilting without discouraging you. They are simple and thoughtful designs that can get you started and comfortable on your machine and can…

Experimenting 101

Length: 8 minutes

watch Lauren try to go back to her roots and quilt on a sit down machine.. switching your brain to and from is hard.. laugh with me.. hopefully not at me.. 🙂

Thank You

Length: 2 minutes

Thank you for tuning in and quilting with me! we couldn’t have BNQ without you!