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Fancier Feathers Live online 3/11/2023 4 pm est

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Feathers can be a rough skill to master, but even if you’ve mastered the traditional feather how do you take your feather game to the next level? Our fancier feathers class will guide you through variations of feather elements and combinations that you can use on masculine, and feminie quit tops an open your eyes to efficient paths for quiting that minimize thread overlap.
the class will come with handouts that you can print out both empty for during class and filled in with my drawings after class. this way you can work on muscle memory with tracing what we’ve covered. Each feather class is unique and I am so excited to do this with you!
Due to the size of a zoom class this video will be available for 1 year after class date (in this case 3/18 since it took so long ot upload the class)  because internet storage is not infinite.