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One-on-one class options are phenomenal for individual growth! This one-on-one class option is for  hands on quilting instruction and feedback at the machine (sit down and stand-up machine quilters, designs will be demoed on a longarm machine but can be demoed on a sit-down machine for most designs) and PDF worksheets for design and composition lessons also included. Machine time will not be required for this class but is highly suggested that you utilize the time to participate. Cost is per hour & keep in mind each class has an additional 2 hour planning period included in the cost plus PDF handouts for designs! and multiple layout options for quilt tops you want design ideas for! 🙂 (so your two hour class is a 4 hour value and worksheets and planning guides to take home for your quilts (another $100+ value)

What you get:

  • You select the amount of hours you want to purchase for one on one class time; class will be held via an online format such as: zoom, Skype, Microsoft office or google hangouts.
  • Virtual one on one class time (no contact & in the formats listed above) this will allow for camera time for both you and I so I can see what you’re working with and give you actionable feedback.
  • Personalized Lessons: One week prior to class you and I will discuss what you want to learn or quilts you want to plan,
  • Custom Handouts: I will create and send you PDF worksheets for the designs we are working on
  • 2-hour of planning and PDF handout creation on my part prior to your class,
  • Enhance what you know: when you’re learning to design quilts it’s great to learn new designs but can be even more helpful to use what you know already and learn how to combine it for size and scope of your project. this will be made even more useful with some newly added design concepts.
  • Quilt top planning ideas with designs you know and designs you will learn (additional handouts made)
  • Hands on machine quilting time with tips and tricks to make the designs work better for you.
  • Emailed recap of class will be sent with my doodles and notes for your reference.
  • Flexibility in scheduling: for your one on one class I need at least one weeks notice beforehand to schedule your class and prepare.

**additional rules apply see “additional information” below**

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You can redeem this one on one course, at any point between now and December 31, 2021. After 12/31/2021 this course option will expire. Some blackout weeks will apply due to filming commitments and kids! Be sure to get something on the books Lauren will call from time to time and try to schedule something with you so you don’t forget!

TIP: you know how fast you learn, don’t cheat yourself for ruler work or if you have some more complex design concepts in mind I recommend 3+ hours of class time for doodling & machine time . this will ensure you and I have plenty of time to go back and forth and you really can let the information sink in!

since this is a 1 on 1 class all materials will vary base don skill level of each student and design concepts we will plan! Lauren will send this information to you a week before class start date!

Select the amount of hours of class time you would like to purchase, a minimum cost is set but if you’re able to give more you can increase the amount however much you choose. Thank you for participating in the fundraiser I look forward to having a custom one on one class with you and just know I will pour my heart and soul into customizing something great for you! I look forward to quilting with you!

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1 Hour + 2 Hour Planning, 2 Hours + 2 Hour Planning, 3 Hours + 2 Hour Planning, 4 Hours + 2 Hour Planning

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