Live: One on One class- Hands on Machine Time


**Limited Quantities Available for the Year per Option**

One-on-one class options are phenomenal for individual growth! You have 1 year from date of purchase to take your one on one class. You get an additional 1 hour of video call, and 2 hours of class planning with the purchase of this class.

This class is made for Hands on machine time, and is setup to make the most out of your technique when you quilt, I want to see what and how you’re quilting and give you tips and tricks to help you move past those road bumps.

This class will require during the hands on machine time that you’re machine is ready to stitch and someone can help to either film your stitching or can showcase designs as you quilt. (almost all webcams and phones can be put on a tripod so that I can see what you’re doing)

Don’t worry I’ll harass you once every few months to remind you we need class time so you won’t forget. 🙂 See the “detailed description” below for more details)

Skill Level: None to Advanced


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How it works:

Virtual one on one class time will allow for camera time for both you and I so I can see what you’re working with and give you actionable feedback and instruction with demo’s.

  • Select the Time: You select the amount of hours you want to purchase for one on one class time; class will be held via zoom we will schedule a video call prior to hands on time and schedule the hands on time at the end of our video call.
  • To Personalize your Lessons: One week prior to class you and I will have a 1 hour video call to discuss what you want to learn ( I can see what you can do and you can show me what you’re hoping to gain from this class.)
  • Between the video call and 1 on 1 hands on class time: I will create and send you PDF worksheets focusing on the design and fundamental concepts you want to work on and that you need to get you to where you want to go. (this is 2 hours of additional value)
  • Hands on machine quilting time: we will spend how ever many hours you select below for our hands on machine time, this will require that you and I both have machines ready to stitch and so that I can demo and give feedback to make the designs work better for how your brain works… Lets problem solve together and get you over that hump!
  • Emailed recap of class: will be sent with my doodles and notes for your reference after class finishes.
  • Flexibility in scheduling: for your one on one class once you purchase your class it is good for ONE CALENDAR YEAR. This is because life happens and we both need time to schedule appropriately.


You can redeem this one on one course, at any point between now and one calendar year after purchase date. Lauren will call from time to time and try to schedule something with you so you don’t forget.

TIP: you know how fast you learn, don’t cheat yourself for ruler work or if you have some more complex design concepts in mind I recommend 3+ hours of class time for doodling & machine time . this will ensure you and I have plenty of time to go back and forth and you really can let the information sink in!

since this is a 1 on 1 class all materials will vary based on skill level of each student and design concepts we will plan! Lauren will send this information to you a week before class start date after we have our virtual chat.

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