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Purchase this product at any time to donate a little something to bold notion quilting, you don’t actually receive anything in return (but our eternal thanks!) when you choose to just donate but it’s a great way to help out if you’re able to give but don’t want or need to sign up for courses, or to purchase a mini quilt. Every little bit goes a long way and we certainly appreciate the love and support of everyone during this insanely trying time. We appreciate all of the kindness.

Anyone who might have missed out on the drama that incited this fundraiser; long story short: we have had a heck of a time locking down a house for the move to Texas for the USCG Covid ruined the first one with transfer lockdowns and travel bans and the second house had water and roof damage so we opted out (all the while we paid for inspections and appraisals ) and finally we found a wonderful home with character, it’s an older home but the inspector and realtor (who we have been speaking with for months on multiple houses) both said the new house was well taken care of and although older was in great shape. we couldn’t do an in person walk through and the video walk through was not sufficient and nobody warned us about the nuances  of the home that we couldn’t see or ask questions about on video. we were only allowed a final walk through 2 hours before closing they were not able to accommodate the day before (I wonder why) and honestly we were just in shock at the filth of the home and our whole house was packed in a truck at a hotel down the road.. we felt we had little time to really assess possible outcomes and were told we would be in breech of contract and sued if we didn’t close as a dirty home isn’t enough reason not to close (and to be clear it wasn’t the filth you can clean just about anything it was my gut telling me this isn’t right don’t do this.. and the cleanliness of the home really shows you how they take care of everything else) just beside ourselves and with little time to weight outcomes on a national holiday weekend we spent the first two days cleaning sanitizing filling holes and fixing moldings. while doing so we had issues with the ac and had to have somebody come out to look at it. Several quotes later it turns out the AC unit itself is too small and the duct work is too small to run the course of the house upstairs and there are other issues and damages with the duct work downstairs and all of that has to come down too. With that being said and at the height of the summer and after closing on the house this is quite a large cost to deal with all at once not to mention the inconvenience of thinking you were moving into a move in ready home that now has to have demolition done and enough work to pay for a brand spanking new car all at once… 🙂  and we are only here for four years. so I created the Fundraiser page in hopes to help cover some of the cost as most of the contractors charge an arm and a leg to finance we are trying to do all we can to raise the money to take care of this asap. We are still looking into options for recourse for missed items on inspections and follow though but until then we have to get this taken care of. I hope ya’ll will not just donate but sign up for something on the fundraiser page so you can get  something extra out of this too. take a class with me or buy some items to help the business and our family get through this very costly expense, but if you don’t need anything and want to send a little something this is where you do it. Just put a dollar amount in the box starting at $5 and you can make a donation. Thank you again, even just for listening. so many of you have given me great advice I am hopeful some good will come of this ridiculous situation. -The Jackson Clan A.K.A- Bold Notion Quilting.

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